Classic Egypt


12 Days / 11 Nights

Per Person


Embark on an extraordinary 12-day journey through the heart of Egypt, where the timeless Nile River becomes a pathway to self-discovery and ancient wisdom. Our "Classic Egypt" trip is a unique blend of cultural exploration and spiritual immersion, guiding you through the wonders of this ancient land



Nile Cruise 2

• Winter Palace: Stay at the iconic Winter Palace, Luxor. Enjoy historic charm and Nile views for a perfect blend of comfort and culture.
• Per Ankh Hotel: Relax at Per Ankh Hotel, Abydos. Serene surroundings near Seti and Osiris Temples for a peaceful stay.
• Old Cataract Hotel: Experience luxury at Old Cataract Hotel, Aswan. Overlooking the Nile, enjoy timeless elegance and ultimate relaxation.
• Mena House Marriott: Indulge at Mena House Marriott, Cairo. Modern luxury meets historic charm, just steps away from the pyramids.


  • Double
  • €2600/ Per Person
  • Child price
  • €1300


Breakfast and departure to Abydos
Check in at Per Ankh Hotel, Visit to Seti Temple
Visit to the Temple of Osiris
Visit to the Temple of Ramses II
Rest & Relaxation
Navigation Talk: After Life vs. Genesis Stories
La dance de Shu
Dinner by the pool

Departure for Dendara
Navigation Talk: Cosmic Cycles/Cosmology and Astrology in Hathor's Temple
Meditation of the priestesses of Hathor/Feminine restoration/Contemplative astral projection
Departure for Luxor
Arrival at the sailing cruise ship Dahabiya
Visit to Hatshepsut Temple
Divine encounter ritual: Sister of Hathor and percussion of the reverberation of nature
Lotus Dinner and Celebration

Visit of the Valley of the Kings
Valley of the Queens - Visit to the tomb of Nefertari
Visit of the colossi of Memnon
Navigation Talk: Cosmogony of Thebes
Hymns of Amon Music & Rituals
Dinner dancing while sailing on the Nile under the Stars

Visit to Khnum & Neith Temple
Navigation Talk: Cosmogony of Esna, Khnum, Neith, Heka (Magic) & Selket
Sailing in Edfu
Visit to the Temple of Horus
Selket (Scorpion Neter) Breathing technique
RA-HOR-Akhty Meditation
Dinner on the island of Fawaza and Egyptian percussion: bonfire and barbecue

Visit to Silsila Quarry and Temple
Navigation talk: Cyclical level of consciousness and maat laws of nature and cosmic order
Sailing to Kom Ombo
Visit Kom Ombo Temple
Swim and enjoy the beautiful sandy beach of Herdiab Island
Dinner on the sandy beach on the Nile

Breakfast while sailing to Aswan
Visit of Philae Isis Temple
Isis meditation (at the original location before the temple was moved)
Lunch at Old Cataract Terrace facing Elephantine Island
Closing Ritual Circle: Celebrating our internal and external journey
Dinner (finger food & cocktails) at Old Cataract Bar
Overnight at the Old Cataract Hotel

Check in Mena House Marriott
Dinner at Mena House

Hut KA Ptah Meditation
Visit of the pyramid of Unas - First appearance of the texts of the pyramids
Sakkara Serapeum Tour - Apis Bulls Burial Ground
Visit of the Step Pyramid
Visit to the Imhotep Museum
Lunch at the Palm Club
Mit Rahina Ptah Temple (Hut-ka-Ptah - enclosure of the 'Ka' of Ptah)
Visit of the Colossus of Ramses II
Alabaster Sphinx - Guardian of the Temple of Ptah
Return to the hotel - relaxing time
Navigation talk: Cosmogony of Memphis and the nature of reality
Dinner dance

Meet at Luxor Airport
Arrival at the Winter Palace / check-in
Visit of Karnak
Opening circle
Introduction to the Ancient Egyptian Aspects of the Self
Luxor Temple Tour
Dinner by the Winter Palace pool.

Visit of the Red Pyramid
Tours of the Inclined Pyramid and the Pyramid of the Queen of the Hetepheres
Visit of the Black Pyramid
Lunch at Sakkara Country Restaurant
Visit of Abu Sir
Visit to the Sun Temple of Abu Ghorab
Return to the hotel - relaxing time
Navigation talk: Aspects of the soul and perceptions of the Self
Dinner on the Nile

Khat-Ren Meditation
Visit of the Great Pyramid of Cheops
Visit to the pyramid of Kaphre
Visit of the pyramid of Menkaure
Visit of the Sphinx
Lunch at 9 Pyramids Lounge overlooking the entire Giza plateau
Return to the hotel - relaxing time
Navigation talk: Zep Tepi, Shemsu Hor Era and a look at Manetho Cosmogony
Light dinner on a Fluka on the Nile and Celebration.

Departure from Cairo airport

Included / Excluded

  • 11 nights/12 days accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner every day
  • Domestic flights
  • Private transportation
  • Tourist tickets
  • Guided tours and activities
  • Accommodation: The price per person is for a double room. Free roommate matching is available on all our holidays, so there is never a need to pay a "one-time extra". If you wish to stay alone, this is an additional amount.
  • International airfare
  • Pocket money: approximately 25 euros/day
  • Ticket to the tomb of Nefertari in Luxor: supplement of 50 euros
  • Any other activities and/or visits outside the program
  • Egyptian visa: purchase at the airport on arrival (25 USD for one month)
  • N.B.:
  • While we intend to adhere to custom itineraries designed for you, it may sometimes be necessary or desirable to make changes if local circumstances warrant. Your detailed travel itinerary is flexible in time, and we will certainly adapt to the wishes and spontaneity of travelers.
  • The travel times listed here are just approximations; you don't need to feel like you're on a strict schedule.

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